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Street Fighter 3 W Impact Cheats, Codes & Guides

Street Fighter 3 W Impact Cheats

  • Get Gouki (Akuma)

    Just highlight Sean on the Street Fighter 3 Second Impact screen and press UP
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  • Get Yang

    Just highlight Yun on the Street Fighter 3 Character Select screen and press a kick button
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  • Get Gill

    Just finish the Street Fighter 3 Second Impact using any difficulty. Then highlight Sean on the Character Select Screen and press UP, UP
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  • 29 Hit combo with Akuma

    First you have to go to practice mode and pick Akuma {Press up on Sean and Akuma's face will appear}. Then pick for his super art Messatsu-Gouhadou . Then when the fight begins
    press start. Then highlight gauge and put it to maximum then highlight guard and put it to no guard. Now here is the hard part,if you are not good at timeing your attacks you cant do this. Do his super art then right after that do his version of a hadoken . Repeat the procces until you cant do it any more. You might be able to get over 29hits if your fast.
    Submitted by Robbymon
  • Easyest way to beat the game

    Pick Second Impact game and go to options. Go into game options and put the damage to the highest it can go . Then if you have Gill
    choose him. At the beginning of the fight use his super art right away . It should kill your opponent right away. you can get a perfect on every round and when your on the last level {if you didnt loss any rounds} Akuma will come out and kill the boss, and if you kill him he will come back to life as Shin-Akuma.then if you beat him start the game over again and highlight Akuma then hold start for 3 seconds. the only difference between Akuma and Shin-Akuma is that Shin-Akuma Has yellow eyes and his power up flame is blue.
    Submitted by Robbymon

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