Available on: PS1

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Starlight Scramble Cheats

  • Bio Rhythm

    Pick the "End" command then highlight the 1st option. Now, hold L1, press Up(4 times), Square, Down, R2, Up.
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  • Get All Cards

    At the sound options, pick "Mono", then hold L1 and press Up, Down, Up, Down, Square, Triangle, Square, Triangle.
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  • Inner mode

    As the SD character moves when the game loads hold L1 and press Up, Down, Right, Down, Up, Left, Right, Down, Circle
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  • Get All mini-games

    On the title screen hold Select and begin playing a mini-game. After completing the mini-game, hold L1 + Circle at the summary screen to access all the other mini-games.
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Available Platforms: PS1