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Star Wars: the New Droid Army Cheats, Codes & Guides

Star Wars: the New Droid Army Cheats

  • Level codes

    level 1 bh7
    level 2 khq
    level 3 th?
    level 4 7wc
    level 5 j97
    level 6 7w?
    level 7 !h7
    level 8 51d
    level 9 2wt
    level 10 3hd
    level 11 wh?
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  • Various Cheats

    Go to the cheats screen and enter a cheat below. A message "Invalid Password" will be displayed. Ignore the message and enter a previous cheat again to activate.

    * All Force Powers: FRC
    * Alternate Controls: BTW
    * Black Shadows
    * Extra Health: 8!T
    * Lower Resolution: GFX
    * Map: CQL
    * Multiple Languages: LNG
    * No Shadow Displays: !B4
    * Play as Luke: SKY
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