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Star Wars Starfighter SE Cheats, Codes & Guides

Star Wars Starfighter SE Cheats

Star Wars Starfighter SE Hints

  • TF Sub Boss Easy Beat

    To beat the TF general in the sub just drop bombs and run, drop bombs and run. Make sure to destroy the sub dock he comes out of. For a spectacular finish get his health down with bombs and finish him with a volley of lasers.
    Submitted by Andon_Rubis
  • How To Turn Tight

    To turn tight all you have to do is press and hold your booster which it the right trigger and if you want to turn left or right or up and down really really tight while passing the booster quickly let go and press the left trigger which is the brake and that is how you turn tight
    Submitted by Twisted Gamer
  • Turn on Auto-fire

    To turn on Auto-Fire, just press pause while your holding down the fire button (default is "A"). Then let go of the fire button and unpause it. To turn off auto-fire, just press the shoot button again
    Submitted by Quall

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