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Star Wars Masters Cheats

  • Alternate Costumes

    Press L1 at the character selection screen.Level Select:Complete the game as Chewbacca on Jedi level to enable level selection under versus mode.
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  • Fight As A Stormtrooper

    Complete the game as Han Solo.
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  • Fight As Darth Vader

    Complete the game as Luke Skywalker.Note: The hidden Mara Jane character will appear instead of a mirror match when playing as Darth Vader.
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  • Fight As Jodo Kast

    Defeat all ten fighters under survival mode. Fight As Slave Leia:Complete the game as Princess Leia under Jedi difficulty level.1
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  • Big Head Mode

    Hold Select after choosing a character and keep the button held until the match begins.
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  • Big Body Mode

    Hold Down, Select, X until the match starts
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  • Unlock Slave Leia

    Beat Darth Vader as Leia, and you will unlock slave Leia
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  • Play as Mara Jade

    When you are at the main screen, highlight, don't select, the team battle mode, the difficulty has to be on jedi for all of the hidden characters. press L2+L1+R2+Start + it should pick the charactyers for you, just beats the computer and jade is yours
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  • Vs Mode Kid Mode

    on vs. mode to be a little kid, hold Down, Select, X, and R2 at the loading screen until the match starts
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  • Full Screen

    At the loading screen, hold select+R2+L1.
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  • Control Credits

    During the credits, press Up or Down to change speed or direction of the credits
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  • Unlock fighting room choice

    Just beat the game on hard with Chewbacca - it will tell you the message if done right
    Submitted by JoA_Saber_Rake

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