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Star Wars: Jedi Knight Cheats, Codes & Guides

Star Wars: Jedi Knight Cheats

  • All Weapons, All Force Powers

    During game type the letter "t"
    type in the following for all weapons RED5
    type in the following for all powers IMAYODA
    Submitted by mragemo
  • Fly

    Press "t" and type in the following: eriamjh then push x ?
    Submitted by Chris Dorsten
  • End level

    Press "t" and then type in the following: thereisnotry
    Submitted by Chris Dorsten
  • Other Codes

    Hit "t" then type in the code, then hit enter
    raccoon king=all forces
    sithlord=dark lord
    jediwannabe 1=invincibility on
    jediwannabe 0=incincibility off
    deeznuts=force leval up
    bactame=full health
    wamprat=all items
    pinotnoir x=skip to any leval(x=leval #)
    note:do not use this code unless you have disk one in your CD-ROM drive
    Submitted by Richard

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