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Star Wars: Jedi Knight 2 - Jedi Outcast Cheats, Codes & Guides

Star Wars: Jedi Knight 2 - Jedi Outcast Cheats

  • Unlimited Force

    Go to the Cheat menu under Extras and enter the code: SCOOTER
    Submitted by gordo
  • Get All Movies

    Go to the Cheat menu under Extras and put in the code FLICKY to unlock all FMV's
    Submitted by None
  • Get Seven Levels

    Go to the Cheat menu under Extras and put in the code CHERRY
    Submitted by None
  • Get Multiplayer Characters

    Go to the Cheat menu under Extras and put in the code PEEPS
    Submitted by None
  • Get Unlimited Health

    Go to the Cheat menu under Extras and put in the code BUBBLE
    Submitted by None
  • Get Lightsaber at Start

    Go to the Cheat menu under Extras and put in the code FUDGE
    Submitted by None
  • Get PC Demo "Mission at Alzoc III"

    Go to the Cheat menu under Extras and put in the code DEMO
    Submitted by None
  • Infinite Force Power

    Go to options then go to extras and then go to cheats and put in SCOOTER and you should hear a yell if you put it in correctly
    Submitted by mitchell
  • Get Unlimited Ammo

    Go to the Cheat menu under Extras and put in the code BISCUIT
    Submitted by overlord

Star Wars: Jedi Knight 2 - Jedi Outcast Hints

  • First Person Lightsaber

    First take out your lightsaber, then bust out your goggles, doesn't matter what kind. then go to a camera switch and press B to go to camera mode. Then you will have a first person lightsaber action. Enjoy
    Submitted by None
  • Ultimate Combo

    This is a very useful strategy against bots and people. you need
    push lv3 and
    saber throw lv3

    its quite simple, all you have to do is push over the opponent so he has to get up, but as soon as you push him hold in saber throw (alternitive fire) the light saber should stay hovering around his head until he gets up. when he gets up he will be either instantly killed or suffer very powerful damage. this strategy is easy to use and very effective.
    Submitted by Jason Creer
  • How to Kill Reborns and Shawdow Troopers Easier

    The easiest way to kill Reborns is to use force speed then either start slashing or lightsaber throw. The Shawdow Troopers you can either use force grip then while their saber is out slash away or lightsaber throw. The other way is to use force lighting and start using blue saber style and start slashing.
    Submitted by Dark Source
  • Death Star Laser

    Play a multiplayer game and choose the death star level. Then head towards the super laser and then you should find a little computer. If you look at it the super laser will fire a great way to kill your enemies
    Submitted by Ash W
  • Easy Way to Kill Sith in Yaven courtyard

    When you find a sith first, Make sure your force meter is full. Then choke the sith and throw your lightsaber it will take a second to kill him. But it should work. If not try again.
    Submitted by Cody Grimm
  • Easy Way to Beat Tavion and Dessan

    Tavion- To beat her equip bacta canisters and Speed force power. Right away start speed power, then run up to her and hack and slash until dead.

    Dessan- (You need seeker droids for this to work!!)
    Equip seeker droids and lighting force. Right away let out as many seekers as you have and run up to him with the strong saber style. Since he's distracted with the seekers nail him a few times with your strong saber style on, then back away cause he'll try to counter after a while. when that happens blast him with you Lighting!!! Continue till dead
    Submitted by Luke Spellman
  • Beat Desann Easy

    Ok... are you having trouble beating Desann, well help is at hand. When you start jump down and fight him but if you want to finish him quick and easy simply... get him behind you and run up to one of those big pillars and Saber throw it and it will fall, so jump out of the way and watch Desann die like the Quakeann monkey Lizard that he is.
    Submitted by Mikey
  • Deactivate Saber While It Is Still In Hand

    This cheat doesn't really do you any good but its cool to mess with and adds some realism. First you have to pull out your light saber. now here comes the tricky part. Push right on the D-pad to pull out your blaster and very quickly after that push left (back to your saber) now you should have your light saber in your hand with no blade activated.
    NOTICE: it may take 3-4 times to get the hang of it.
    Submitted by Elliott Devinney
  • Easy Way To Kill Any Jedi

    In multiplayer or one player if you are facing a person with a light saber like a reborn (bad Jedi's in one player) you can kill them very easily and quickly by ether using level to GRIP or use the SPEED special to ether strangle them to death or go so fast they can not block your moves. Hint you can do this on any enemy you want.
    Submitted by starwarsguy2003

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