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    Arms Dealer (20): Buy all the Weapon Upgrades and Android Co-Pilots in the game.

    Bully (10): Destroy a Zylon Frigate without destroying any of its weapons.

    Commander (25): Obtain the rank of Commander.

    Kingpin (10): Destroy a Zylon Cruiser without destroying any of its weapons.

    Modal (20): Score a Zylon Fighter kill in each Transformation in every Story Mission.

    Pilot (5): Obtain the rank of Pilot.

    Star Commander (30): Obtain the rank of Star Commander.

    Star Raider! (50): Complete the game.

    Turret Expert (5): Destroy 30 Zylon Fighters in Turret Mode.

    Warrior (10): Obtain the rank of Warrior.

    Zylon Collector Legend (10): Shoot down 100 Zylon Fighters.

    Zylon Collector Master (5): Shoot down 50 Zylon Fighters.
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