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  • Maxing Out your Attack

    Maxing out your attack is actually easier than it sounds, all you have to do is win the single battle mode S rank at the arena to recieve the imposing scroll. When you get it synthesize it to one of your weapons. After that all you have to do is do the specify plan 9 times and your attack will reach 9999 (this may cost a lot of money but if you followed my tip above it should only be loose change). If you used the imposing scroll on Fayt the final blow from his Dimension door attack should do 80-90 thousand damage!

    Tip: Once you max out your attack the ranking arena mode should be pretty easy until the reigning champions come around (which are Dirma Hamilton 3000000 Hp and Solon Solute 500000 Hp).
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Star Ocean: Till the End of Time Hints

  • New Music

    While picking a battle stage in versus mode Hold R1, R2, L1 or L2
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  • Orichulum

    This is probably one of the biggest spoilers in the game. You can attach up to 4 of them to your weapon and each one gives your weapon +500 attack and you can make them once you get to the urssa lava caves near the end of disc 1. First you need three items:

    -Book of prophecies 1 (Shrine of Kaddan)
    -Alcemy Stone (Desert where you meet the king)
    -Spirit Stone (Mountains of Barr)
    First take the book to the man in the Aquious library and he will join you, hes an inventor, and send him to the workshop in Arygliph. Keep the Alcemy stone. And with the spirit stone give it to the lady near the place where you get the dragon flute and send her to the Arygliph as well. Now go back to Arygliph and exspand the workshop to have [lines, Alchemy, and Syn]. Now you are ready to make them. Put the 2 new inventors and maria on a line and set it to Alchemy, Original invention. **THE PRICE MUST BE BETWEEN 5000 AND 5500** now just create and sooner or later you will have this amazing new stone that will make the game much easier for all players especially undeveloped players.
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  • Easy Money, Great Items

    The item "Santa's Boots" is one of the best and most expensive items in the game. This item allows Fayt to recieve a present when he sleeps at an inn (sometimes you dont get anything). You get it from Santa in the maze of tribulations. A great way to get money is to go to the iron maiden inn, equip the boots and get ready for a long boring time of pressing the x button. It may be boring but it is worth it. Every once in a while you recieve a Tri-Emblem, which is not only one of the best items but it sells for over 1000000 fol so all you have to do is sleep at an inn until you get tons of them.

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