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Spoongebob Squarepants Cheats, Codes & Guides

Spoongebob Squarepants Cheats

  • Easy ways to beat levels

    Invasion of the Patty Snatchers-Find the telescope to obtain the map. It will be easy to find the items, and avoid the jellyfish. You will lose time from the clock.
    Boating School 101- Find the clock to stop the time for a little bit, and look at the upper right of your screen to know what color of checkpoint to find.
    Who cut the Cheese?- The shadows of the lures will help you find them, and find the empty lure quickly. It will give you more time to collect the cheese.
    Hide N' Go Jellyfishin'- If you catch the correct color of jellyfish without missing, you earn bonus points for perfect aim, and click and hold the left mouse button to set your character in aim mode. This will allow you to turn 360 without scaring jellyfish. Then let go to shoot.
    Save me Money!- Get behind the cannons to operate them, and they run out of bubbles too, and find bubble bottle to reload.
    Submitted by kevin sumner
  • Catch the burger stealers

    Once you on the level to catch the burgers and save them. Get you map and it will be easy as cheese. Click on your map and click on the burgers a drag them to where you are. Then spongebob will say, "Alrighty". You ca do this all the time. Just click an drag. See, I told you it was as easy as pie.
    Submitted by kevin sumner

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