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    Submitted by marshmallow

Space Station Cheats

  • N64 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Level Codes

    To enter these go to the saved game or level select screen and enter the following codes. A sound will confirm correct entry. After entering the code select a save game or level and press Left
    Asteroid Level press Down, Up, Z, L, Down, Left, Z, Down
    Jungle Level press Up, Down, L, Z, Down, C-Left, Z
    Ice Level press Up, Down, Z, L, Down, C-Right, Z, Down
    Europe Level press Up, Down, L, Z, Down, Up, Z, Down
    Desert Level press Up, Down, L, Z, Down, Left, Z, Down
    Final Level press Up, Down, L, Z, Down, Right, Z, Down
    Secret Level press Down, Up, Z, L, Down, Left, Z, Down
    Get Extra Energy press C-Left, L, Z, Down, L, Z, C-Left, C-Right
    ?? Effect 1 press Up, L, Z, Down, Left, Z, Down, Up
    ?? Effect 2 press L, Down, Z, L, Down, Up, L, Left
    ?? Effect 3 press Z, Down, Up, L, Right, L, Left, Right
    ?? Effect 4 press Left, Right, Z, L, Left, Z, Right, Left
    Stop Camera in Wall Race press Down, A, C-Up, L, C-Down, L, Left

    Turn Evo Gold Collect 390 Metal Orbs
    Alternat Intro HOLD A or B while powering on the Nintendo 64 unit

  • N64 | Submitted by Matt fogel

    Gold Trophies

    In Hoppa Choppa,the trophy appears after you kill all the animals, including the rabbits. In Something Fishy, the trophy comes when you swim through all the rings at the bottom of the water.
    In Penguin Playpen, you have to kill all the fish in the water. The trophy will apear on a cliff. Get the bird and fly up to it.
    In Rat-o-Matic, the trophy is on a crate outside. It's on fire, so get in a fox and push one of the barrels nearby up near the crate. Then get in a rat and lay two toxic mines(feces)next to the barrel. The barrel will explode and stuff will come out, dousing the flame, then get a mouse, go up to the nearby legde, and speed boost your way off the cliff at the trophy (it takes a few tries).