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Sonic Shuffle Unlockables

  • Get More Characters

    Complete story mode
    Submitted by None
  • Play as e-102 Gamma

    Buy amy's last picture in sonic's room.(it's on the right side bottom it should cost 150 rings.)
    Submitted by Anselmo Muro
  • Play as Chao in versus mode

    Buy all or the last picture for knuckles.(all the characters pictures are in the right side bottom.)
    Submitted by Anselmo Muro
  • Play as Super Sonic in versus mode

    Buy all of sonic's pictures in sonic's room.Try to buy the last one,it's the one on the right side bottom.If you still don't get super sonic then buy super sonic's picture.(agian try to buy the last one.)
    Submitted by Anselmo Muro
  • Play as Big in versus mode

    Buy all or the last picture for tails in sonic's room.(if you cantv unlock super sonic,big,e-102 gamma,or choa and you bought the pictures i said to buy then you must buy all their pictures as well or juast there last picture.)
    Submitted by Anselmo Muro
  • Play as Ultra Sonic

    This is extremely difficult to do, U must press the buttons clearly and quickly.

    First u must have all the secret characters.
    Then at the character select screen (story mode or versus mode)quickly press L+R, X, YY, B, A, (left on the D-pad). And Ultra Sonic will come running behind them, and pushing them out of the way.

    NOTE:Ater entering this code you have no choose but to pick him.
    Submitted by None
  • Secret ArtWork

    Put the CD-Rom of Sonic Shuffle in the PC, and find come stuff to put on the computer's screen.
    Submitted by Anya Neon

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