Sonic Rivals set aside differences

[PSP] New screens show Sonic and Shadow in a boss battle

Sonic and Shadow, two of the gaming industry's most recognizable hedgehogs, are racing to the PSP in November in the 2D/3D racing-action game Sonic Rivals. But while the apparent revival of old-school Sonic gameplay is still a few months off, we've just gotten our hands on a new selection of screenshots showcasing one of the game's boss fights.

The 11 new screens (which you can view by clicking the Images tab above) apparently show the two hedgehogs briefly setting aside their differences to beat the crap out of a gigantic robot turtle while running around a narrow, ring-shaped cliff. A little too much information? Maybe. But at least now, there's no way that thing's going to surprise you when you pick up the game.

July 13, 2006


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