Sonic Advance Cheats

  • Classic Sonic Mode (Tails Follows You)

    OK! This is a simple code, if U are Sonic and U want Tails to follow U like in Sonic 2&3 do the following-

    1. Highlight Sonic on Charecter Select and press Up once.
    2. Now,highlight Tails and press Down once.
    3. Next highlight Knux (Knuckles)and press L (Trigger)once.
    4. Finally Highlight Amy and press R (Trigger)once.
    5. Go to Sonic, press A you should hear a chime, select a level and Miles the Fox should be following you like in Sonic 2+3.
    Submitted by None

Sonic Advance Hints

  • Beat Bosses Easily!

    Hammer Car: Just dodge his hammer and you'll be fine.
    Spring-o-Tron: Jump when he comes down from the sky.
    Egg Spikeball: Simply dodge the spikeball and hit Eggman.
    Frozen Egg: Jump on the icicles, then hit Eggman. Don't forget to take a breath!
    Robo-Knuckles: After you hit him a few times, he will shoot missiles. Dodge them and hit him a few more times.
    Submitted by Shadow
  • Getting a Better Chao

    You can get a new Chao by making the one you have right now run away. All you have to do is don't feed it and let it sleep (sleeping makes it more hungry). When it says, "My stomach is empty, I'm getting angry," it means it's getting close to running away. When it runs away rub the egg you have and it will hatch. Then you can buy another egg. You can get a different egg by saving and quiting. Then go back to the chao garden and you will get a different egg to buy.
    Submitted by Mike the mav
  • Extra Help

    Entry location: Tiny Chao Garden: Memory Game
    When you play the memory game your chao will shuffle the cards. As he does this tap A repeatedly. He should trip and show you a card.

    Editor's note: other sources say your chao will slip and not move a card.
    Submitted by Sonic Freak 1991
  • How to Get Mini-Game Rings Fast and Easy

    Go to time attack and play the first act and all the rings you get in the act you will get in mini-game rings.However you must finish the act(time does not matter take as much time as you want).
    Submitted by None
  • Emerald Locations

    Here are the levels where you can find the Special Stage springs.
    1. Zone 1 Act 1.
    2. Zone 2 Act 2.
    3. Zone 3 Act 1.
    4. Zone 4 Act 1.
    5. Zone 4 Act 2.
    6. Zone 5 Act 2.
    7. Zone 6 Act 2.

    After collecting all these, complete Zone X with all characters then complete it again with Sonic to got to the Moon Stage, as Super Sonic. The controls are A=jump, B=fire dash. Hit the robots head by jumping then pressing B. Use this method on the trap balls to get more rings.
    Submitted by Da Masta

Sonic Advance Unlockables

  • Moon Level

    To get the secret Moon level collect all seven emeralds. They are quite hard to get so good luck!
    Submitted by Risingstars361

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