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Skeleton Warriors Cheats

  • Level Select

    The Level Select can be accessed by going into the Options Menu and setting your next game to Easy Mode. When in the game press Start topause and enter the code: Triangle, Circle, Circle, Left, Circle, Up,Down. After this, unpause and hold the Start and Select buttons tobring yourself back to the Title Screen. Go into the Options Menu andyou should notice that there is a new option at the top of the menu,which displays a Level Select! To gain Unlimited Heart Stones, press Start to pause within the game.Enter the code:Left, Up, X, Square, Up, Down, Square.Then unpause. If done correctly, your Heart Stones will increase to 80!
    During any game, press Pause and then enter the following codes
    :Invincibility - Down, Circle, Square, Square, Up, X.
    Super Sword - Circle, Left, Down, Triangle, Right, Circle, Up, Triangle.
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