Available on: Xbox, PS2, GBA

Sitting Ducks Cheats, Codes & Guides

Sitting Ducks Cheats

  • More feathers

    Get denchers at the first store then go to the street soccer field and put on your dencchers then take the ball and take it to the water soccer field then put the street soccer ball into the water soccer ball do this by taking one of the soccer balls and putting it into the other soccer ball do this in the water then score a goal you will get ten feathers instead of five.
    Submitted by jason
  • Level 1-9

    Level 2. D#BB%K
    Level 3. F#BB%L
    Level 4. G#BB%M
    Level 5. H#BB2L
    Level 6. J#BB2M
    Level 7. K#BB2H
    Level 8. L3BB2P
    Level 9. M#BG28
    Level 10. N#BG29
    Level 11. P#BG2%
    Level 12. Q#CG2#
    Level 13. R#FG2C
    Submitted by Duckboy

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Available Platforms: Xbox, PS2, GBA