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Sim Park Cheats, Codes & Guides

Sim Park Cheats

  • Cheat Codes

    All the people in the park turn Blue
    Type in BEAUREGARD
    Maximum amount of money
    Just Type in WARBUCKS
    Makes Rizzo appear on demand
    Type in RIZME
    200 random things added to your park
    Type in CATSNDOGS
    Turns plantlife into packed earth tiles
    Type in PAVEME
    Gets rid of alien messages
    Type in SDI
    Submitted by krink

Sim Park Hints

  • Space World

    When you get lost kingdom, enter it and keep playing until you're bankrupt. then by that time you should have 2-3 golden tickets and 2 keys if you have spent wisely. hit the esc. key and then scroll down to restart park. clock on it and do the same process over and over again until 5 keys are rewarded to you. then hit esc. key go down to exit to lobby and go to space zone. you should have it open to enter. have a good time for all you strugglers.
    Submitted by ray holley

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