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  • All Skills

    Ok, i realized this while playing. Go to single mission and pick ur team. Got that? Ok now click train and then type in "skills" and u can now give every player every skill. It comes in very handy if u have to beat a mission.
    Submitted by jonathan wongg
  • Free pass

    When a campaign scenario requires you to raze a building or plant a bug and your operatives
    don't have the skills then you are given a free pass. The government sent in specialize to finish the job. But your operatives doesn't get experience points. On easy setting you get three free passes, on medium get two free passes, and on hard you get only one free pass
    Submitted by jonathan wongg
  • Unlimited Undo

    Select easy then when playing press backspace to undo.You can do it as many times as you want to.Only works in easy setting.
    Submitted by jonathan wongg

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