Secret Agent Clank

With the guards behind us, we still needed to sneak past the trip lasers. This provided a perfect opportunity to break out Clank's nifty new spy toys. Arming a dark-matter-squirting pen, we were able to disable the lasers with a spurt of black goop. Had this method failed, we'd be able to dispatch the rush of alerted guards with a few projectile bow-tie-a-rangs. These far-flinging weapons - actually just tiny, multi-bladed buzzsaws - make short work of most threats, but their limited supply meant we had to use them sparingly, or pray that the next pile of crates we bashed through were full of ammo.

Much like Ratchet %26amp; Clank: Size Matters - the last Ratchet game by developer High Impact - Secret Agent Clank sports eye-popping, candy-colored visuals, complemented by plenty of breakable objects lying about. The character designs are heavily drenched in detail as well; Clank, in a tuxedo, looks especially spiffy. We look forward to spending more time with the sharp-dressed metallic man when Secret Agent Clank infiltrates the PSP this summer.

Mar 10, 2008