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    Submitted by Katman

Sacrifice Cheats

  • PC | Submitted by neoblade48


    What shiny didn't want us to know yet: test by me and they work. some other guy got them some how, but here they are:
    From within the game, press CTRL+SHIFT+~. This brings up a small text icon in the bottom left of the screen. Then, type ''@ '' (without the quotes, but WITH the space) and any of the following cheats.
    alliwantforxmasisa - Summons one monster of the given type without using a soul. Ex - @ alliwantforxmasisa firefist
    aplethoraof - Summons four monsters of the given type without using up souls. Ex - @ aplethoraof firefist
    bythepowerofgrayskull - Full heal
    ihavethepower - Full mana
    dontfearthereaper - Gives you 32 (I think) souls
    castratetheheathens - Wizard can collect red spirits
    gimmegimmegimme - Gives the wizard a spell of the given type. Ex - @ gimmegimmegimme erupt
    timeisonmyside - Resets the spell timers
    yourbulletscannotharmme - The wizard (and only the wizard) is invincible
    mywingsarelikeashieldofsteel - Same as above
    ragebuilding - Levels you to level 9 and gives you all the spells and creatures accordingly (only in local multiplayer)