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Sabre Wolf Cheats, Codes & Guides

Sabre Wolf Cheats

  • New background

    Finish all the rare records to get a new background for challenge mode
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  • How to send the wolf back into the statue

    In order to foil the the doctor's plan and turn the wolf into stone you must collect all 8 amulet pieces by blowing up the a lab in each world by beating all the levels in each world.
    Submitted by ryan vickers
  • Slow down Sabre Wolf

    When you are in a Wolf Lair and you just grabbed the item from the Wolf, he starts to chase you.Now, when (if) he has nearly caught you jump over him and run the other way.Now jump over him again and run the correct way.Now there should be some space between them (Sabre Wolf skids if he turns while running).
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