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Risk 2 Cheats

  • Go back one turn

    If you're playing against the computer and you get absolutely crushed on a turn, hit the menu button, quit the game, then go back into it, and it will continue the game from the beginning of your turn.
    Submitted by Zb

Risk 2 Hints

  • How To Dominate the World

    In risk 2 first take over Australia and put all of your armies on Indonesia what till its your turn again then attack Siam and conquer it this way you get an extra 2 arms and stop any one from getting all of Asia thought the game build up your arms and when you have 1 continent to conquer before u rule the game go round Asia to America to Europe to Africa and dominate the world and be empire of the world (its important that you make sure that you don't block your self in)
    Submitted by some won
  • Hint : Best Protection

    Hint : Best Protection
    Submitted by Bleblo

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