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Rise of the Triad Cheats, Codes & Guides

Rise of the Triad Cheats

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    Rise of the Triad is our winner for game with the most cheat codes (not counting level codes). To use these codes, just type them in during a game (remember to type the first code, dipstick, to enable the cheats).
    Code Description
    dipstick Enable/Disable cheat codes
    shootme Bulletproof Armor
    burnme Asbestos Armor
    chojin Woundless With Weapons
    booze Drunk Missile
    bones FlameWall
    toosad God Mode (Temporary Invulnerability)
    flyboy Mercury Mode
    badtrip Shrooms Mode
    boing Elasto Mode
    speed Enable Autorun
    panic Restart to normal, full health, no modes, keys or guns
    whack Whack Yourself
    86me Kill Character
    dimon Light Diminishing On
    dimoff Light Diminishing Off
    goto Go To Another Level
    goobers Restart Current Level
    gogates Exit to DOS
    goarch Exit Current Level
    london Fog On
    nodnol Fog Off
    shineon Light Sourcing On
    shineoff Light Sourcing Off
    lungdung Gas Mask
    sixtoys Items Aplenty
    huntpack Outfit Player (Bulletproof Armor, Keys, HeatSeeker)
    johnwoo Double Pistol
    splugem MP40 Machine Gun
    vanilla Bazooka
    firebomb Firebomb
    hottimes Heatseeker
    seeya Hand of God (Permanent God Mode)
    ride Missile Camera On/Off
    where Toggles Coordinate Display On/Off

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