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  • bedd_headd - November 12, 2008 12:21 a.m.

    Ratchet:deadlocked is the best game. i wish there was more weapons though. it would be cool if they could go to level 100 and then upgrade to the best form of the weapon. i love the tournaments, ace hardlight is fun to fight, shellshock is a chicken, because he just keeps running away from you. there is more skill points per level. i love it because it always gives you something to do. i looked up cheats (games radar obviously) i saw this cheat that said once you beat the game 100% (all exterminator cards, skill points, and weapons level 99) then talk to al and he will give a bot upgrade that cost 500,000,000. then talk to clank and he will give you a new difficulty level. i hear it is really hard. i am up for the challenge, i wonder if it even true if not then what was the point of getting all excited about it.

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