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    Submitted by S.E.Morris (aka Javakid)

Prisoner of War Cheats

  • PC | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Various Cheats

    Go to the password screen and put in a case sensitive password below

    Get All Daily Events - alltimes

    Get All levels - gerlang5

    1st person Viewpoint - Boston

    Top View - Foxy

    Guards New Size - Muffin

    No Levels unlocked - defaultm

    Get Core Events - coretimes

    No Core Events but current - farleymydog

    New Guard Awareness - Quincy

    In Game Saves Toggle - Togsavecan

    Creation Date/Time - Dt

    Un Shootable - Fatty

    Unlimited Money/Rocks - Dino

    ??? - Joe

    ??? - Kaz

    ??? Showtime

    ??? Jasmine

  • PS2 | Submitted by Tomboli

    various Cheats

    Boston :First Person Mode
    Foxy : Top Down Mode
    Dino : Unlimited Goodies
    Fatty : Defiance
    Muffin : Guard Size
    Quincy : Guard Perception
    Dt : Date
    alltimes : All Events In The Day
    coretimes : Core Events
    ger1eng5 : All chapters
    defaultm : Only 1rt Chapter
    farleymydog : Only Core Current Events
    Togsavecan : (I dunno what this one does)
    Loads of currency
    On the mission 'Prisoner of War', if you run to the gate of the construction ompound them look right, you will see you will see a long death zone. At the entrance you will see a sign will a skull and crossbones on it. Run down this area and you will find some currency. Then run to any guard bow. You might find some currency in it.
    How to find a certain object:
    crowbar- in the Barn or the utility building
    iron key- commandant's bedroom
    brass key- in the kitchens
    plans- commandant's office (need to be on second objective)
    bellows- kitchen (need to be on third objective
    guard uniform- in the laundries ether side of the prisoner compound.
    On the second to last mission you can get a lieutenant's uniform why you go into the German compound. go up the stairs and into the room. It is on the desk.