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  • Character Moves

    D-Down, U-Up, B-Back, F-Forward

    Sp - Speed Punch
    Hp - Hard Punch
    Sk - Speed Kick
    Hk - Hard Kick,

    -- Everyone --
    SP+HP Extra Punch
    D-SP+HP Supa Uppercut
    SK+HK Extra Kick
    D-SK+HK Slide
    F-F Run/Attack
    B-B Retreat

    -- Anubi --
    Sphinx Enigma B-D-F +HP
    Black Piramid
    Buried Alive
    Deadly Move

    Other moves:
    Projectile B-D-F +SP
    Meditate hit F-D-B +SP
    Teleport Attack F-D-F +SP
    Power Kick B-D-F +HK
    Double Roundhouse F-D-F +HK
    Double Flying Kick D-F +HK

    -- Cthulu --
    Stranger Tentacles F-D-B +SK
    Worms Bite
    External Gods
    Deadly Move

    Other moves:
    Projectile B-D-F +SP
    Armor Taker B-D-F +HP
    Double Punch F-D-F +HP
    Flying Kick D-F +HP
    Invisibility F-D +HK

    -- Jan Fun --
    Dragon's Tail B-D-F +SK
    Tiger Roar
    Dragons Breath
    Deadly Move

    Other Moves:
    Projectile B-D-F +SP
    Long Punch B-D-F +HP
    Panzerfaust B-F +HP
    Tripple Blow D-D-F+HK

    -- Maelstorm --
    Ancient Magic F-D-B +SK
    Knight of Hell
    Deadly Move

    Other Moves:
    Projectile B-D-F +SP
    Fire Punch B-F-B-F +HP

    -- Mugan --
    Astaroth Rage D-F +HK
    Lucifer Curse
    Satan's Revege
    Deadly Move

    Other Moves:
    Arm Check D-F +HP
    Talisman Power D-B +HK
    Red Grot D-F-B-F +HK

    -- Painbringer --
    Thunder Slash F-D-B +SP
    Electro Death
    Total K.O.
    Deadly Move

    Other Moves:
    Hard Projectile B-D-F +HP
    Fast Projectile B-D-F +SP
    Flying Kick D-F +HK

    -- Pantera --
    Psycho Maniac F-D-B +SP
    Killer Heart
    Blood Bath
    Deadly Move

    Other Moves:
    Knifes B-D-F +HP
    Projectile B-D-F +SP
    Claw Attack B-F +SP
    Nail Devense D-F +HK
    2-Hit D-F-D-F+SK

    -- Uriel --
    Apocalipse D-B +SK
    Wrath of God
    Deadly Moves

    Other Moves:
    Projectile B-D-F +HP
    Flying Kick F-B +HK
    Holly Wings D-F +HK

    -- Wolfrich --
    Thunder of Thor D-B-F +SK
    Wrath of Odin
    Asgard Revenge
    Deadly Move

    Other Moves:
    Hammerthrow B-D-F +SP
    Super Slide F-D-B +SK
    Hammer Attac B-F +SP

    -- Xenobius --
    Icy Hurricane F-D-B +SP
    Magical Projection
    Eternal Strike
    Deadly Move

    Other Moves:
    Hard Projectile D-B-F +HP
    Fast Projectile D-B-F +HP
    Roll Uppercut D-F-D-F +HP
    Intercircle B-F +SP `
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