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Poy Poy 2 Cheats

  • Survive From the Sand

    you want to survive from the quicksand just do the following. If you fell inthe quicksand or if someone threw you down keep tapping L1+L2+R1+R2 and you will jump out of the quicksand unless if it's to late.
    Submitted by Omar
  • To play as Sanpey

    Complete poy poy cup and beat the last king.If you defeat the last king, Sanpey will be unlock and you will get a new glove kown as "Emperor".
    Submitted by Koh.L.H,HEAT
  • Park stage survival tips

    There is a huge stone in the middle of park stage which can be transform into dinosaur.If the stone transform into a t-rex or a flying dinosaur, simply just hold down x,to make character will bend down and the t-rex or the flying dinosaur will not be able to hurt you.
    Submitted by Koh.L.H,HEAT

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