Available on: Xbox, PS2, GameCube

Pool Paradise Cheats, Codes & Guides

Pool Paradise Cheats

  • Items Available in Shop

    Laser Sight Cost:$100 - Helps your aim.
    HUD Goggles Cost:$5,000 - Show ball paths.
    Stuffed Dodo Cost:$2,500 - Unknown
    Coconut Shy mini-game Cost:$3,000
    Skeepool mini-game Cost:$3,000
    Hidden Cave mini-game Cost:$5,000
    Darts mini-game Cost:$4,000
    Dropzone mini-game Cost:$8,000
    Submitted by None
  • L-table

    If you got enough money to buy an crazy shaped table you should take the L-shaped table and you will get it for free!
    Submitted by Madtricks

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Available Platforms: Xbox, PS2, GameCube