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Pirate Hunter Cheats

  • Unlimited Damage And money

    nodam-Unlimited Damage
    coin-Unlimited Money
    Submitted by None
  • Easy Money

    Its so simple. Go into any town and visit the pub. But save the game first in the town. Now gamble for the maximum amount possible. If you win save the game, if lose reload at the point right before you gambled. This way you can always win the money. Just reload until you win and then save. Repeat as needed. This is a good way to pay for supplies and rum when cash is very low.
    Submitted by 1LT Ben L.

Pirate Hunter Easter Eggs

  • Man with Hat

    If you check various inns in the northern Cuba region you will eventually find a man in the gambling section with an Oakland raiders cap, it may be one of the designers playing a joke.
    Submitted by confederatekid

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