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Outlaws Cheats

  • Cheat Codes

    To activate these cheats simply type them in while playing:
    Code Description
    OLPOSTAL Gives you all weapons and some ammunition for them all (not unlimited)
    OLASH Unlimited ammunition
    OLAIRHEAD Fly mode (use X and C keys to go up and down)
    OLCDS Map supermode
    OLREDLITE Freezes enemies
    OLFPS Shows frame rate
    OLJACKPOT Gives you all items
    OLGPS Shows your coordinates (it appears on the top left of the screen, when you press Tab)
    OLSCREENING Shows cutscenes
    OLBOUNCE Super jump mode toggle
    OLWIMPY Automatic reload
    OLOPEC Gives you oil
    OLGUSHER Unlimited oil
    OLIMYELLA God mode
    OLER Restore health to full
    OLAPPEAR Force Sanchez or Two-Feathers to appear
    OLEATHER Partial Invisibility
    OLSTINNETT Gatling Gun
    OLSHAW More Power For Weapons
    OLSHADOWS Jetpack- Press A to Lift
    OLHOWMANY Shows # Playes in Multiplayer
    OLJTF Shows Mission Info
    OLHITME Lose 1 Heart
    OLREALLYHITME Lose 3 Hearts
    OLRUNAWAYTRAIN Ride Train on Mine Level (Find Track First)
    OLHIDEOUT Skip To Level
    OLTOWN Skip To Level
    OLTRAIN Skip To Level
    OLCANYON Skip To Level
    OLMILL Skip To Level
    OLSIMMS Skip To Level
    OLMINER Skip To Level
    OLCLIFF Skip To Level
    OLRANCH Skip To Level
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