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Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams Cheats

  • Costume Trade Cheats

    Soki as Ryu
    Left, Triangle, R2, R3, Square, R1, R1, Right, Left, L2

    Jubei as Cammy
    L2, L2, Right, Right, L3, Triangle, Left, L1, L2, Square

    Ohatsu as Chun Li
    R3, Right, L2, Left, Left, R3, L1, R1, Right, R3

    Roberto as Guile
    R2, L2, Left, L1, Left, Right, R3, Square, Square, Triangle

    Tenkai as Ken
    L3, L3, R3, R3, R3, Left, R2, L1, Square, Right
    Submitted by Derrick Sullivan
  • Give Jubei a Racket

    L1, R1, Right, L2, Triangle, Right, L1, Right, L3, R1
    Submitted by None
  • Give Ohatsu a Piggy Bank

    Right, Triangle, Left, L3, L1, Triangle, Square, R2, Square, R2
    Submitted by None
  • Give Roberto Boxing Gloves

    Triangle, R3, Triangle, Right, R1, L3, Triangle, L1, Right, L3
    Submitted by None
  • Give Soki a Steel Pipe

    L2, Square, Triangle, R1, R1, R3, Left, Square, L1, Triangle
    Submitted by None
  • Give Tenkai a Microphone Stand

    R2, R3, Square, Left, Left, Right, L2, Left, R2, Left
    Submitted by None
  • Co-op Mode

    Entry location: Start screen
    Now, to do this cheat correctly you have to have another person with you, you both have to hold L1 and R2, then have the other person (while holding L1 and R2) press start. You should hear a chime to confirm the cheat.
    Submitted by dumbino87

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Available Platforms: PS2
Genre: Adventure
Published by: Capcom
Developed by: Capcom
ESRB Rating:
Mature: Blood, Language, Violence