Once Upon a Knight Cheats

Once Upon a Knight Cheats

  • PC | Submitted by Turtle

    Various Cheats

    Result Code
    Selected units gain full health Milkypower
    set maximum money setmaxmoney
    teleport unit to pointer teleportunit 1
    Kill everything visible plague
    Remove Fog beautifulworld
    restore fog fog
    remove fog in viewable area eagleeye
    view enemy units magicglasses
    end mission endmission
    Firerain across viewable map firerain
    selected unit dies gotovalhala

  • PC | Submitted by VietRacer

    Other Cheats

    Set Milk to indicated amount - DrinkMoreMilk (number)
    Selected units gain full health - MilkyPower
    Set maximum money - setmaxmoney (number)
    Teleport selected unit to pointer - teleportunit 1
    Follow the selected unit - follow
    Firerain across viewable map - FireRain
    Selected unit dies - GoToValhalla
    Kill everything visible - Plague
    Restore fog - Fog
    Remove fog - BeautifulWorld
    Remove fog in viewable area - EagleEye
    View enemy units - MagicGlasses
    Play music - playMusic (number)
    End mission - endmission
    Unknown - FollowAlpha
    Unknown - no2d (0 or 1)
    Unknown - addcolor (x,y,z)
    Unknown - GameRate (1-160)
    Unknown - graphrate (1-160)
    Unknown - showarea 1
    Unknown - graphminrate (number)
    Unknown - switchtoplayer (number)
    Unknown - moneyiff
    Unknown - create
    Unknown - ClearCurs
    Unknown - killcurs
    Unknown - setcountlimit
    Unknown - enablelevel
    Unknown - selunitnum x
    Unknown - updateworld
    Unknown - LookAt
    Unknown - DelayedLookAt
    Unknown - netcheck
    Unknown - stats x
    Unknown - 1nup
    Unknown - EnableFastExit
    Unknown - AltTabPause
    Unknown - InitTimer
    Unknown - Epidemic
    Unknown - DeathArea

Once Upon a Knight Hints

  • PC | Submitted by Mark McNair

    Easy Level Up With Spearman

    To get easy points on the spearman, go to any village and destroy anything possible. Buildings, even tree stumps and the best to destroy are barrels. Also if you destroy a thing which looks like two spears stuck in the ground with a shield resting against it, you will almost always find a ghost knight or a depraved knight in there. Destroy these knight to receive big bonus points and it is easy to level up.