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NHL 98 Cheats, Codes & Guides

NHL 98 Cheats

  • Cheat Codes

    AWAYGOAL: grants the away team a goal.
    CHECK: enables automatically body checks on contact.
    EAEAO: play as the EA Blades.
    FLASH: enables audience camera flashes.
    GRAB: enables stick hold on contact.
    HOMEGOAL: grants the home team a goal.
    INJURY: causes injuries.
    MANTIS: elongates players' arms, legs and necks.
    NHLKIDS: enables kid sized players.
    PENALTY: causes penalties.
    SPOTS: turns on pregame spotlights.
    STANLEY: plays the end of season video.
    VICTORY: enables over rink fireworks.
    ZAMBO: enables the zamboni.
    GIPTEA: Get out of penalty box
    FIGHT: Fight breaks out
    SUPERSLAP: (press the shoot button quickly 3 times after putting in this code)
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  • Get Super Players with Max Stats

    Put in one of these case sensitive player names

    John Rix

    Jay Bulbrook
    Trenton Shumay
    Dejan Stanisavljevic
    Tedd Streibel
    Victoria Wong
    Tom Papadatos
    Troy Church
    Phillip Chow
    Ted Nugent
    Adriano Celentano
    Jeff Dyck
    Mark Gipson
    Lance Wall
    Sissel Tangen
    Mark Johnston
    Bryce Cochrane
    Gregg Haggman (great Left Winger)
    Mike Smith
    Mike MacKinnon
    Funky Swadling
    Jay MacDonald
    Cory Yip
    Andy Harris
    Gary Johnson
    Ben St John
    Jeff Mair
    Juan Jacyna
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  • Codes

    enter these at the password screen.
    STANLEY - View winning movie.
    NHLKIDS - Players and goalies are tiny.
    PLAYTIME - Tiny players with normal heads and large goalies with huge heads.
    BIGBIG - All the players are huge.
    BRAINY - Players have big heads.
    EAEAO - Activates the EA Blades team.
    3RD - Selects a team's 3rd strip.
    FREEEA - Adds the developers to the free agent list.
    The developers also put in a cheat that creates a super player if you enter any of the names from the instruction manual credits in Create Player.
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