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NFL Gameday 98 Cheats, Codes & Guides

NFL Gameday 98 Cheats

  • Get Super Bowl and All Star Teams

    Go to the main menu and play pre-season. At the select yoour team screen press Circle one or 2 times to get a Super Bowl or All Star team. Not all teams have these.
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    This game has been known for all the great codes that are put in toadd to the fun! Well, here is a head start on some that are pretty fun to try out. lust go to the Main Menu and press L1+L2+R1+R2 to accessthe Easter Egg Menu. Then enter the following to receive various features in your next game.
    For No hands enter : look ma
    For No Heads enter : horsemen
    For Giant Players enter: humongous
    For High Kicks enter : thin air
    For Super Speed enter : fire drill
    For No Calls enter : blind ref
    Players move quickly when desperate : juice
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    Loud Commentator : Loud Mouth
    Tigh coverage : leech
    Forearm shiver juiced : hatchet
    Smart computer opponent : Deep Gray
    One footed players : ahab
    NYSE -- Swim move is juiced
    REJECTION -- Defensive players jump higher
    TOAST -- Secondary plays farther off receivers
    GLOVES -- Players catch more passes
    FIRE DRILL -- Players move fast at all times
    BUSY REF -- More penalties
    QUIET CROWD -- Quiet fans
    EQUAL TEAMS -- Teams have equal abilities
    SHOW OFF -- When you dive, press JUMP to do a roll and keep running
    VIRTUAL POLYGONS -- Flat players
    FLEA CIRCUS -- Small players
    CPU DEFENSE -- Better computer defense
    CPU OFFENSE -- Better computer offense
    GD CHALLENGE -- Computer plays harder
    WATERY AI -- Stupid computer
    BIG FOOT -- Make field goals from long range
    THIN AIR -- Same as above
    FLAT LAND -- Players are flat
    MCMAHON -- Play as shadows
    CRUNCH TIME -- Louder hits
    HORSEMEN -- No heads
    AIR STRIKE -- Quarterbacks throw longer and higher passes
    BETTIS -- Runningbacks run faster
    JACKHAMMER -- Players hit harder
    COOKIE CUTTER -- Very skinny players
    Submitted by Malcom

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