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NCAA Football 2001 Cheats, Codes & Guides

NCAA Football 2001 Cheats


    Unlock juggernaut BULLDOZER
    Maximum recruiting points HEADCOACH
    Maximum attribute points BALLER
    Faster daytime effects DAYNIGHT
    Defense always intercepts OSKIE
    Change the date Y2K
    Receivers always catch HANDSOFGLUE
    All stadiums unlocked OPENSESAME
    Wind at maximum SAFETY
    View CPU plays MINDREADER
    Slower players CEMENTFEET
    Full poll POPULARITY
    Faster Gameplay SCRAMBLE
    All Players on Team are g-breakers BEAT DOWN
    Tiburon Team MAITLAND
    EA Sports Team SANMATEO
    15 Sec Quarters HURRYUP
    Submitted by St. Dog
  • Strike a pose

    Before entering the endzone hold L1 + L2 then after scoring for these poses press
    Tap X - Bow
    Tap Circle - Ball Spike
    Tap Square - Flex Muscles
    Tap Triangle - Back Flip
    Tap R1 - Spin the Ball
    Submitted by None

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