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NBA Shootout 2000 Cheats, Codes & Guides

NBA Shootout 2000 Cheats

  • Super created player

    When you go to create player on their attributes take everything down as far as it will go,then take all of those points and add them to overall status on your created player and watch him burn up the court.
    Submitted by Josh Teipen
  • Easter Egg Menu

    While playing, pause game, hold L2 +R2, then press square. A new menu will open , and it lets you toggle on/off on some such as Big Head mode, Micro Men, Big Feet, Table Top (players are like pieces of table top hockey), toggle amount of gravity and amount of speed.
    Submitted by mix_master_miles
  • Extra Options

    While in a game , press L1 , L2 , R1 , R2 , x , square , select and start and an options menu will come up giving you the options of micro-men , big feet , big heads , ext.
    Submitted by Frost
  • Unlock Michael Jordan

    For this code you need to put all of this simultaneously in less than 3 seconds: triangle, L1, L2, X, O, x, x, square, R2, and R1. If you do it over 3 seconds it won't work.
    And if you do it right you will hear a sound
    Submitted by Nicholette Sison
  • Band (korn) Teams

    At start menu press L1,L2,R2,R1,x,square,triangle,circle,and select.
    Submitted by shagy 2
  • Fast Guy

    Create a player that is 5'3" and 320 lbs.
    Pick whatever attributes and personality you want.
    He is really fast, you can run circles around your defender(literally).
    Although, he does miss some of his easy dunks.
    Submitted by ltilton_55

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