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NBA Inside Drive 2002 Cheats, Codes & Guides

NBA Inside Drive 2002 Cheats

  • Various Cheats

    Entry location: Go to the options menu and pick codes then enter a code below
    OLDSCHOOL - Get Red/white & blue Basketball

    GOTGAME - Get WNBA Games

    WINDYCITY - Chicago skyline Court
    Submitted by Joe
  • Various Cheats

    Entry location: Go to the options menu and pick codes then enter a code below
    HOOLIGAN/soccer ball
    CARDIOMAN/Infinite Turbo
    Submitted by Ryan
  • Various Cheats

    Entry location: Go to the options menu and pick codes then enter a code below
    THREE4ALL - Easy 3 pointers

    IGOTHOPS - Easy Alley oops

    SANDINMYSHORTS - get beach ball

    GIMMETHAT - No trade rules
    Submitted by None
  • 8-Ball.

    To unlock the 8-Ball, go to the Cheats screen in the Options menu and enter the phrase GAMEOVER. This will make the ball appear as an 8-Ball.
    Submitted by robbie
  • Little Players

    Go to the code menu and type in SMALLSHOES only in CAPS
    Submitted by Joe
  • Xbox ball

    Go to the code menu and type in BACHMAN
    Submitted by Michael Seiber
  • Volleyball

    Go to code menu and type in SPIKEIT
    Submitted by Carlos P
  • infinite turbo

    Go to codes, under options and type in CARDIOMAN to get infinite turbo.
    Submitted by sam tighe
  • Shake It

    This isn't really a code but it's more of a strategy. To make the controller shake, you must have at least 2 players (note they must be on different teams) When the game starts foul a guy in the act of shooting. He will go to the foul line while your friend is shooting the free-throw (note: remember he must be on the other team or it will not work) begin to tap the X button rapidity all of the sudden your opponent's controller will shake!
    Submitted by Jo Momma's Huge
  • Get Thrown Out From Game

    Foul The ref by running out of bounds on defense and push the "back button" right next to him and he'll throw you out.
    Submitted by Lucio
  • Easy Knock Away!

    Before you start playing in arcade mode, a screen will appear saying what the rules are and how long the quarters are and so on. So, press the back left trigger and the screen will change to a screen where it says how tough the referees are. Below and above that are what the penalties are. You can toggle them to turn on or off and you can turn off the really stupid rules like the three second defensive rule. (don't even know what that means?) Well... Play away!
    Submitted by Dan the man
  • Missed Free Throws

    Alright do you want to here a cheat that lets you make your opponent miss there last free throw every time ok here is what you do when the opposite team is shooting the free throw that you can rebound select your center and when he shoots it jump your center should grab the ball if it doesn't work don't worry it took me a few tries to get it down if he grabs it it will say a violation on the team who shot it and you will get the ball!
    Submitted by egg
  • Always get the trade

    Go to the team management screen and select owners. Change CPU on the team you want to do the trade with to your owner name. Then go to trade and make the trade. The computer will always accept the trade if you own both teams.
    Submitted by Jim Tialumna
  • Two Jumpers

    At the beginning of a game, before the announcer says, "Let's go to the floor for player introductions," hit start and go to substitutions. Change the lineup so that one of the players already in the game is at the center's position (ex. if you have the Lakers, take Kobe and switch him for Shaq). Then, exit out of the substitutions. The player you switched with the center should be at the line along with the original center.
    Submitted by TurBo3136
  • Create Perfect Team In Season

    This Is a good code to use if you want to make a great team when you already started your season and saved.
    From the main menu in "Season" go to "Front Office" then go to "Ownership Change" then make every team a user then make all the trades you want. Then once you have made the dream team that you have wanted, go and do the same thing over again except this time change all the users back to "CPU" and just keep the Team(s) you want.
    Submitted by Chas O Boy
  • Secret Teams

    To get secret teams you will need to do a season. After the season if you made the playoffs you will need to get to the finals. If you get to the finals you need to win the finals. Then say you won with the Lakers you will get an old Lakers team. You can only play with them in exhibition mode. Any team you beat it with you will get an old team of them. Hint you need to play an 82 game season.
    Submitted by JoeSchmoe

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