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Nascar Heat 2002 Cheats, Codes & Guides

Nascar Heat 2002 Cheats

  • Hide Replay Overlay

    Put in the cheat Up, Down, Left, Right, R1, Down, Up. Now press Circle during replay mode to get rid of replay overlay
    Enable Arcade Mode in Beat The Heat (Allows hitting walls)
    Put in the cheat Up, Down, Left, Right, R1, Left, Right
    Get Hardcore Mode
    Put in the cheat Up, Down, Left, Right, R1, Up, Down
    Tire Shooting
    Go to the race day menu and press up,down,left,right,R1,up,up
    Hardcore Realism
    To get Hardcore Realism you have to look at your rating from each track. At each track you can earn a max of 100 points. When you earn the max, you will get Hardcore Realism for that track only. ( You can look at your rating by pressing triangle at the main menu and then by hitting circle)
    Get Richard Petty
    To drive Richard Petty's car, you must complete all beat the heat challenges with bronze or higher.
    Submitted by matthew davis
  • Big Air

    This isn't really a cheat but it's really cool! This is how to make a stock car airborn,
    you go to Sears Point make sure the realism is expert, go to practice, get going onto the track, go up the hill and right when you get to the top you will notice an opening by the wall somewhere along there drive back behimd that and drive at full speed to the hill that has Valvoline on it once you hit the hill it will send your car flying into the air then crashing down. you can do this with all openings at searspoint but can't always get airborn.
    Submitted by kscrib24dupont
  • Get Mini Cars

    Go to the main menu and press Up, Down, Left, Right, White, Down, Up
    Submitted by None
  • Get Credits

    Go to the main menu and press Up, Down, Left, Right, White, Left, Left
    Submitted by None
  • Get high Suspension

    Go to the main menu and press Up, Down, Left, Right, White, Left, Right
    Submitted by None
  • Get Wire Frame Mode

    Go to the main menu and press Up, Down, Left, Right, White, Right, Left
    Submitted by None
  • Get Richard Petty

    Get a bronze medal or higher on all heat challenges.
    Submitted by None
  • Paintball Mode

    Go to the Race Day menu and press Up, Down, Left, Right, White, Up, Up. Press Up to shoot the paintball. Also can be enabled at the Practice Mode screen by pressing Up, Down, Left, Right, White, Down, Down
    Submitted by None
  • Get Hardcore realism

    Go to the main menu and press Up, Down, Left, Right, White, Up, Down. You can also get a 100 point rating on a single track to unlock hardcore realism for that track
    Submitted by None
  • Portal at Richmond

    If your going to Richmond play a practice. Start your car and go out of the pits. Turn around and go back in backwards go almost to the end. Where the pits get wider (by the trailer parked parallel to the track) there should be a wall go slow towards the wall slowly. If your at the right place your car should start to sink. Hit the gas a little and you should fall through and come out around the track somewhere
    Submitted by Jake
  • Fire Ball

    This is for those of you who like to play with fire. Okay, first go to single race. Then go to practice, or race, it doesn't matter. I personally like to do it in races, so I can smash up some other cars. Get your car really damaged, so the engine goes on fire. Stop your car. Now keep pressing start, pausing it, un-pausing it, pausing it and so on until you get a big fire ball. This also works if your engine is smoking-it kind of turns a purplish color. (It works best with the view where you can see your tires and part of the car frame-it may vary how many times you have to press start)
    Submitted by JD
  • Over the Fence

    Enter A single race at Watkins Glenn and then start a practice session. go out of the pits like you normally would but take a left and go backwards just as you come out. At the beginning of the front stretch turn around and go in the regular direction. just at the end of the front stretch, there is a grass patch. Turn onto this patch at full speed and you will fly into the air. If you have turned at the right spot then you will fly over the fence and into a secret place. (just make sure that when you hit on the other side that you brake or else you will be brought back onto the track)
    Submitted by yanni
  • Computer Controlled Human Player

    First enter the cheat for paintball then go to multiplayer & with at least 2 people. let one person get heavily damaged: let them go into pits but don't follow in stead enter the pits at an angle so as not to be controlled by the pit computer; now shoot the other player out onto the track before there pit stop is over Now they are under the computers control and will race the rest of the race.
    Submitted by Big_Red

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