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MySims Cheats

  • Passwords

    At the pause screen, enter into the Wii remote: 2, 1, Down, Up, Down, Left, Left, Right, Right. This will bring up the password entry screen!

    Hipster Suit - Tglg0ca
    Kimono Dress - l3hkdvs
    Racecar Bed - Ahvmrva
    Bunk Bed - F3nevr0
    Hourglass Couch - Ghtymba
    Modern couch - T7srhca
    Camouflage pants - N10ng5g
    Genie Outfit - Gvsb3k1
    Rickshaw Bed - Itha7da
    White jacket - R705aan
    Submitted by None

MySims Easter Eggs

  • Name Your Furniture Store!

    When you get your second Star, head to the Furniture Store in the forest near the river. Go inside and you'll see the owner sleeping again. Go up to her and keep bothering her and eventually you'll be able to give the store a new name!
    Submitted by LegoTroopers - Synistor
  • Dizzy Sim

    In The Create a Sim or Edit a Sim mode rotate the Sim around and around. Soon your Sim will be Dizzy!
    Submitted by CooKid28

MySims Hints

  • Get More Star Points!

    -You can make leis at the flower shop to earn money. After doing that, Ashley gives you a lei. Make a couple a day to give to the upset tourists around the town. You can do the same with giving them cakes from the bakery!

    -To get some cash, you can go fishing. While fishing, you may catch things OTHER than fish, Such as anchors and boots. After catching them (since you cannot give them to Joseph the fisherman), you can sell them at the store where Olivia works.

    -For some more money, you can convince tourists to stay in your town. You can find tourists in random places in the town when walking around.
    Submitted by JiLLiAn<33
  • Twinkle

    When you are walking around at night, you may see a small white twinkly sparkle. If you stand next to it and press A, then you will get a gift. It could be money, flowers, or even a fish!
    Submitted by Sugarylump
  • Glitter

    When walking around at night, you may see some small glittery bits on the ground. Stand next to them and press A, and you will get a gift! The gift varies from money to cake, even to fish!
    Submitted by sugarylump
  • All the Trees

    Apples: shake then plant in first level.
    Yellow Blossom: shake and plant in garden.
    Thorn: destroy a flower.
    Flower: pull out a flower.
    Dead Wood: thorn or dead tree chop then pick up.
    Light Wood: chop a fine apple tree.
    Submitted by caboose
  • Find Essences

    Cakes: Found in forest (prospecting)
    Happy: Be nice to any sim
    Angry: Be mean to any Sim
    GingerBreadMan: Found in forest (prospecting)
    Red Apple: Found in garden
    Yellow Blossom: Found in garden
    Cherry Blossom: Found in forest (on a tree)
    Sunflower: Found in desert (on a tree)
    Light Wood: Chop down trees (such as Red Apple)
    Dark Wood: Chop down trees (such as Yellow Blossom)
    Terrocatta Pottery: found in forest (prospecting)
    Submitted by Theo The Lion

MySims Unlockables

  • Unlock Special Sims

    Get 100% interest level in the following towns to unlock. They'll be waiting for you in the hotel.

    Amazing Daryl - Fun Town
    Chancellor Ikara - Tasty Town
    Samurai Bob - Studious Town
    Star - Geeky Town
    Hopper - Cute Town
    Mel - Spooky Town
    Submitted by None
  • Unlockable: Star Tools

    Get the following numbers of stars for your town to unlock:

    1 Star - Crowbar
    2 Stars - Saw
    3 Stars - Pickaxe
    4 Stars - Blowtorch
    Submitted by CooKid28
  • Submitted by CooKid28
  • Different Colored Surf Boards

    Set a fishing rod, and in the middle of the morning go fishing where Joseph says it is lucky and go to your left and fish you could get a yellow or back surfboard.
    Submitted by Nicholas (Lamb Chop)

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Release date: Sep 18 2007 - DS, Wii
Oct 28 2008 - PC (US)
Sep 21 2007 - DS, Wii
Oct 31 2008 - PC (UK)
Available Platforms: DS, Wii, PC
Genre: Strategy
Published by: EA GAMES, Electronic Arts
Developed by: Electronic Arts
Franchise: The Sims
ESRB Rating:
Everyone: Simulated Gambling
PEGI Rating: