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Motocross Madness Cheats, Codes & Guides

Motocross Madness Cheats

  • Extra Stunt Points

    While in the "Stunt Quarry" mode, repeatedly press "Print Screen [SysRq]" for more points.
    Submitted by Prashast Thapan
  • Jeremy McGrath's Bike

    At the main menu type in "kcussedocruoy"
    Submitted by None
  • Big Head Mode

    When at main menu of game type "Big Heads"
    Submitted by Adam Greenough
  • Course 2 Very Easy

    On track 2 dont make that big jump entil you see another big jump but Don"t make that one keep on going until you see a upsidedown U jump. Go on it and use all your turbo on the jump. Then you will be on the bottom of the screen and then go all the way of the course and if it does not work try this code again, this code dose work
    Submitted by adam wong (

Motocross Madness Hints

  • Hints

    When you jump, press the PRINT SCREEN key several times to get lots of points.

    Go to the end of the map where there is a BIG hill that goes straight up.
    Go a fair distance back and race full speed towards the hill.
    You should be able to make it up the hill. Once you're up, keep going forward and eventually you will be blown REALLY HIGH up in the sky.
    This can be done on any track except the supercross tracks.

    Canýt get up the hill? Try the TAB button when you are halfway up!
    Submitted by None
  • Catapult

    When you are driving in the stunt, national or BAJA part of the game if you leave the main area and just keep going strait you will hit a big cliff go up the cliff (you will probably crash) When you get up go strait down the flat part. When you go far enough you will be catapulted.
    Submitted by Peter Zelen
  • Cool view

    When you do a jump, hold down the left "shift" for a cool camera view.
    Submitted by Joshua Sherrin
  • Cool tricks

    When you do a jump big enough for a trick hold down the "space bar" and your rider will do a different trick.
    You wont get any score!
    Submitted by Joshua Sherrin
  • Reset Racer

    When you are playing the game and you wipe out press tab immediately and you will reset faster than normal.
    Submitted by Eric

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