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MLB 2002 Cheats

  • Automatic K's against batters

    You have to chose a curve ball as your first, then position it in the lower left corner of the box for righty batters and lower right for lefty batters. For your second pitch chose the curve again but position it in the upper left corner of the box for righty batters and upper right corner for lefty batters. Finally as your third pitch chose a fast ball and put it just outside the box in the middle. just like that you'll have 3k's and the batter will be sitting down.
    Submitted by Scott Davis
  • Hit Every Time

    To get a hit almost every time at bat hit for power and hold down, you will get a single double or very rarely a triple. Sometimes you will ground out
    Submitted by Codeman45
  • Ultimate Player

    For the best player enter Scott Murray as your created players name.
    Submitted by Codeman45

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