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  • Submitted by Lucio Burroni

Men in Black Cheats

  • Cheat mode:

    Entry location: Press [Esc] during game play to return to the main menu. Repeatedly type dougmatic until the menu disappears. Press [Esc] to enable cheat mode. Enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function.
    Effect Code
    All weapons giveme
    Unlimited ammo loadme
    Full health healme
    Invincibility protectme
    Saved games have all locations moveme
    Kill everything on level killem
    Return to headquarters hq
    Arctic level arctic
    Amazon level amazon
    New York level newyork
    Underground level underground
    Temple level temple
    Skip Frales' estate frales
    Switch agent agent
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  • Idol Sequence

    in the idol puzzle about 11 o'clock place red idol,black idol,green
    idol,white idol and blue idol (clockwise order)
    here is the picture for the right position of the idols:
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  • Level Passwords

    2 Manhattan 2710
    3 Sewers 1807
    4 Airport 0309
    5 Rooftops 2705
    6 Forest 3107
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  • Skip Level

    Put in 2409 as the password and start a new game. Press Start to go to the next level
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  • Show End Sequence

    Put in 1943 as the password
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  • Cheats

    put in 0601as the password and ignore the invalid password message. Press Start to return to the command center. Begin game play and hold Select +Up to move up vertically. Press Left or Right to move in that direction, or Select + Down to move down vertically. Hold Select + A to obtain the Noisy Cricket super-gun. A lightning bolt will appear next to the number of lives remaining to confirm correct code entry.
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  • Skip Level

    At the options screen Hold L1 and press Right, Left, Left, Right, Square, Circle, X
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Available Platforms: PS1, Game Boy, PC