Mega Man Star Force Cheats

  • Ciphers

    Send an e-mail with the subject line "Cipher" and one of the following codes to unlock the corresponding card:

    AURIEFRUTS - Recovery 50
    LAREBARAON - TimeBomb1
    NGYNGIWCUS - GhostPulse2
    NROSIMAMSTU - Unlocker
    PREOBCOPB - SearchEye
    SIXGAME-O - D.Energy
    ALPTUNZLA - Unlocker
    ILABCLERSAS - D.Energy
    IPHAUEOEUNQC - TailBurnr3
    ISNBDUBO - Cloaker
    KNIGSPIAREM - FlickrKck3
    OSLEGRATE - HevyCannon
    ROHNATPE - HeatBall3
    Brother Action|RPG - QnOphiucaSP
    Dec. 17, 1986 - ChainBubble3
    KMALEETZCP - M.Breath
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Mega Man Star Force Easter Eggs

  • Meet Mega Man.EXE

    Put any GBA Mega Man Battle Network game into the GBA slot.
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Mega Man Star Force Unlockables

  • Unlock Star Rewards

    Collect one hundred fifty Normal Cards
    Collect five Giga Cards
    Collect thirty Mega Cards
    Complete the main quest
    Defeat PegasusMagic
    Defeat Seijin
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Available Platforms: DS
Genre: Role Playing
Franchise: Mega Man