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  • More Money

    To get more money on campaign mode go to the colored map at the top of the screen, at the right of it there is an arrow. Click on the arrow and a series if options appears. Click on the box next to automatic buildings and auto manage taxes. Then click back on the arrow. The next year these options will take place. The computer will put the taxes right up and build all these great buildings. You still loose money from buying them but gain a lot more at the same time.
    Submitted by Anthony Humphreys
  • Best Way To Start Off

    I have found that in the beginning of campaigns it is best to not worry about building a great army, but building a great economy. Get all the income products (farms, mines, clothing ect..) then tax high to very high for a while. Then get as many of the technologies and buildings as possible. In the beginning pretty much everyone is allies or neutral. After Allies begin engaging in hostilities you need to start building an army. Now that you have most of your buildings and technologies you'll find that building an army strong and quick is fairly easy. REMEMBER: You have to pay support cost for your army, the larger army, the larger the cost for support. If your army grows too big, your support cost becomes more than your income and you lose money.
    Submitted by Kevin M
  • Fast Velour Leveling

    Velour leveling assassins: simply create a ton of emissaries and assassinate them, they are cheap to make, very low chance of getting caught and you don't have to follow your enemies all around the world to finally get to them to assassinate them.

    Velour leveling emissaries, priests, princesses (all units that have offer alliance method): wait until you find a situation where you have alliances with two factions and they go to war with each other. You'll have to make a choice which one to choose. Pick either one (preferably the one with a king with higher influence) to keep alliance and go to the other king (you can use this on other faction's emissaries and other units but its faster using the king because he moves less then the others). Now offer an alliance with that king and hopefully he'll say yes. If he does you'll get the screen again. Terminate his alliance and ask again. Repeat. I got my emissary to 5 velour from 0 in only 9 or so years and for free. This is much faster then going around asking alliances with everyone and much cheaper then bribing others to increase skill.

    Velour leveling inquisitors: Inquisitors are the easiest and cheapest to level. The basically only need 1 group of men. So buy like 1 group of peasants and give them to the inquisitor's). Now you have 100 people to burn as heretics. You won't even need 100 people, it would take 100 years... just 20 and you can get them up to about 6-7 velour.
    Note: you can use this technique with assassins as well, yet there is a higher chance of getting caught. So if you really are in a pinch with money you can always save before your attempt and them load back if he gets caught.

    Velour leveling troops: There is only one way I've found yet that's most effective with this and it still isn't perfect. But, if you choose one province with especially low loyalty and try to make it do a peasant revolt, now you got some peasants to test your weapons on. But even them, a large amount of peasants can kill a substantial amount of men... and retraining

    Submitted by Odagi

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