Mario Vs. Donkey Kong (Game Boy) Cheats

  • Avoid Dying

    When you are about to die you can turn off the Gameboy Advance
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Mario Vs. Donkey Kong (Game Boy) Easter Eggs

  • Mario Dreams

    After finishing a level let Mario sit for a while and he will dream about food
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Mario Vs. Donkey Kong (Game Boy) Hints

  • Handstand jump

    While performing a handstand, press the A button; to execute a handstand jump, press the A button again when Mario lands for a super high double jump!
    Submitted by Michael Evans
  • dk+

    dk+: the showdown begins when mini mario toys are caught by metal kongs hands. he resembles from donkey kong on gb. first dodge the hand stomp attack or you will be stunned. get the barrel and hit dk. mini mario toy will be free. after 3 first hits. metal kong uses his hand clap attack. which resembles from donkey kong. hit him with a barrel. hit him 6 times and all mini marios will be freed. hit him with a barrel one more time and donkey kong will be shocked. you know donkey kong will cry on the finale scene. mario will give him a surprise. a mini mario toy. mini mario toy says to dk. I a love you to him.
    Submitted by mike

Mario Vs. Donkey Kong (Game Boy) Unlockables

  • Movie Unlocks

    Unlock the movies as described below and go to the visual options menu to view them:

    Movie 1 & 2 - Start a new game

    Movie 3 - Get to the 1st world boss

    Movie 4 - Beat the 1st world boss

    Movie 5 - Start world plus

    Movie 6 - Get to the world plus boss

    Movie 7 & 8 - beat the world plus boss
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  • Unlock Expert Mode, Plus Mode & Mini Mario

    Finish the game one time to unlock Expert & Plus mode and open the door to unlock mini Mario. Collect all presents and finish a level and you can play a extra game.
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