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Mall Tycoon 2 Cheats, Codes & Guides

Mall Tycoon 2 Cheats

  • Various Codes

    Entry location: Go to the main Menu to open up the cheat page by pressing and holding the Ctrl Key.
    hdicash Get $100,000
    hdidizzy Use Alt + Up or Alt + Down to control camera angle
    hdilore All technology
    hdirate +100 to mall rating
    hditech Research completed
    hdizooma Unlimited zoom
    Submitted by None
  • Unlock all items, objects, etc.

    Entry location: >>Note: Save the file I tell you to modify.<<
    Go to the main folder (e.g. C:\Program Files\Global Star Software\Mall Tycoon 2). Once you're there go to the folder labeled "data". Open Setup.bin with notepad and look for a line that says [TechTree]. I think the line comment explains it but just in case look below that. There should be a line that says "Enabled=#" The # takes place of a real number, probably 2. Change the number to 0.
    Submitted by tecman_2004

Mall Tycoon 2 Hints

  • Floorplan setup

    Before you build anything you must first build "UNITS" after you build a floor. Then build a food court on the first floor in front of the door with a lot of security guards. The criminals will steal a little bit of money from the food court and they will be caught. Or if they get away it doesn't matter because the food court has barely any money. Also build different subject titles (shopping,sports etc.) on different levels.
    Submitted by af1guy101
  • Robber Tips

    If you don't want your mall to get robed, then set the robber bar all the way to the left so you don't see any gray in the bar. (Note: you can only do this at the beginning of the game when you are setting the stats for the game. I learned that the hard way.)
    Submitted by Kevin Esposito / vagamer12

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