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Makai Kingdom Hints

  • New Monster Classes To Unlock

    Guardian Gardener and Iron Golem at level 20.
    Heaven's Bliss Mimic and Idol at level 20.
    Death Mana Sphere, Forsaken One, and Dark Stalker at level 30.
    Gobbler Carrot Dude, Pump Kin, Apple Kid and Corn Guy at Level 10.
    Vampire Hell Kitty and Bombster at level 20.
    Devil 1 Vampire and Death at level 50.
    Devil 2 Gobbler and Guardian at level 50.
    Thunder God Heaven's Bliss at level 50
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Makai Kingdom Unlockables

  • Hidden playable characters

    Secret characters or special battles may be unlocked through Zeta's wish system. Your lead character must have reached a specific level and accumulated enough mana to make the wish appear as a choice. After a wish has been made, you must defeat enemies in the special bonus dungeon that you have unlocked.

    Prinny Lv 10, 1000 mana. Wish "Make a Prinny." Kill a prinny in regular battle.
    Flonne Lv 70, 3000 mana. Wish "Fight ally of justice." Defeat Flonne, Etna, Laharl.
    Etna Lv 80, 4000 mana. Wish "See the ending." Defeat Flonne, Etna, Laharl.
    Castile Lv 100, 5000 mana. Wish "Fight with hero." Defeat Castile.
    Dark King Lv 120, 5500 mana. Wish "Defeat Dark King." Available in chapter 6, >2 new game+. Defeat Dark King.
    Cider Lv 160, 7000 mana. Wish "Fight against Cider." Available in chapters 3-8. Defeat Cider.
    Salome Lv 180, 8000 mana. Wish "Fight with Salome." Available in chapter 5. Defeat Salome.
    Babylon Lv 200, 9000 mana. Wish "Fight against Babylon." Available in chapters 2-8. Defeat Babylon.
    Valvolga Lv 250, 10000 mana. Wish "Fight against Valvolga." Available in chapters 1-8. Defeat Valvolga.
    Zeta Lv 300, 15000 mana. Wish "Fight with the strongest demon in space." Defeat Lv 2000 Zeta.
    Battleship Yoshitsuna Lv 300, 20000 mana. Wish "Fight strongest person in game." Defeat Baal.
    Robosuit Lv 200, 30000 mana. Wish "Want strongest robot." Defeat robosuit.
    Asagi Lv 1000, 100000 mana. Wish "Challenge the next protagonist." Defeat Asagi.
    Pram Kill >60 allies before chapter 9. Defeat Pram.
    Alec Defeat both Salome and Alec in stage 8-6.
    Laharl Lv 150, 6000 mana. Wish Fight Overlord of Past. Winning subsequent fights with Laharl as wishmaker/leader may trigger bad endings.
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  • New Classes Unlockable

    Raise your characters to these levels:

    Male Swordsman Lvl 10 M. Warrior & Lvl 10 M. Infantry
    Female Swordsman Lvl 10 F. Warrior & Lvl 10 F. Infantry
    Medic Available at the beginning of chapter 3
    Male Infantry Available at the beginning of chapter 3
    Female Infantry Available at the beginning of chapter 3
    Cook Thief, M. Magician, Medic above Level 20
    Archer Witch, Cleric, and Merchant above level 20
    Mechanic Available at the start of Chapter 4.
    Professor Available at the start of Chapter 4.
    Berserker M. Sword Master & Cook Lv. 50, Mechanic Lv. 20
    Officer F. Sword Master & Archer Lv. 50, Professor Lv. 20
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  • Unlockable Endings

    How to get the different endings:

    Good Ending Clear 8-6 with Salome surviving & Clear last stage with 49 or less ally kills
    Alexander - Bad Ending Clear 8-6 & have Salome die, then beat Alex
    Alexander - Bad Ending 2 Clear 8-6 & have Salome die, then lose to Alex
    Pram - Bad Ending Clear 8-6 with Salome surviving & Clear last stage with 50 or more ally kills. Beat Pram.
    Pram - Bad Ending 2 Clear 8-6 with Salome surviving & Clear last stage with 50 or more ally kills. Lose to Pram.
    Zetta - Bad Ending Wish "I want to beat the strongest", Lose to Zetta. Note: With Laharl in lead, there are 2 different cutscenes for winning & losing(Total of 3 scenes)
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Oct 28 2005 - PS2 (UK)
Available Platforms: PS2
Published by: Koei
Developed by: Nippon Ichi