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    To enable the cheats for Magic Carpet I first, you need to bring your carpet to a complete stop (or simply type the cheat at the beginning of a level), and type I. You'll be presented with a prompt under the status bar for you to type in a message. To activate the cheats type ratty. Now all you need to do is use the following key combinations to make you the most powerful wizard around. For Magic Carpet 2, type windy at the prompt to enable the cheats. The ALT+Function keys work the same as in the original.
    Code Description
    ALT+F1 gives you all the spells
    ALT+F2 gives you more mana
    ALT+F6 complete healing
    ALT+F7 kills all creatures on the level
    SHIFT+C completes the level To jump from one level to another, type CARPET at the prompt followed by the level number (1-50), and you're off!
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