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  • Various Cheats

    Effect Code
    NFC All-Stars BESTNFC
    AFC All-Stars AFCBEST
    Madden '98 Team BOOM
    Stats Leaders IMTHEMAN
    All 60s team PEACELOVE
    All 70s team BELLBOTTOMS
    All 90s team HEREANDNOW
    Madden All-Time Greats TURKEYLEG
    75th Anniversary team THROWBACK
    NFL Equipment Team GEARGUYS
    '99 Cleveland Browns WELCOMEBACK
    EA Sports Team INTHEGAME
    EA Stadium EA STADIUMS
    Cleveland Stadium DOGPOUND99
    RFK Stadium THEHOGS
    Old Miami Stadium NOTAFISH
    Old Oilers team JETSONS
    Wild West GHOST TOWN
    Old Miami Team DANDAMAN
    Get Tiburon Sports Complex SHARKSFIN
    Old Tampa Bay Stadium SOMBRERO
    Astrodome Stadium FOR RENT
    Tiburon Stadium OURHOUSE
    Better defensive back LEECH
    Catch Better GLOVES
    Better Kicking BIGFOOT
    Original Oakland Stadium STICKEM
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  • Extra Teams

    Enter one of the following names at the code entry screen.

    * NFC Pro Bowl -- BESTNFC
    * AFC Pro Bowl -- AFCBEST
    * All-Madden Team -- BOOM
    * All-Time Stat Leaders -- IMTHEMAN
    * 60s Greats -- PEACELOVE
    * 70s Greats -- BELLBOTTOMS
    * 80s Greats -- SPRBWLSHUFL
    * 90s Greats -- HEREANDNOW
    * All-Time Greats -- TURKEYLEG
    * 75th Anniversary Team -- THROWBACK
    * NFL Equipment Team -- GEARGUYS
    * 1999 Cleveland Browns -- WELCOMEBACK
    * EA Sports -- INTHEGAME
    * Tiburon -- HAMMERHEAD
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  • Extra Stadiums

    Enter the following cheats at the code enter screen to get the secret staduims listed:

    * OURHOUSE: Tiburon
    * EASTADIUM: EA Sports
    * DOGPOUND99: Cleveland
    * NOTAFISH: Original Miami
    * STICKEM: Original Oakland
    * SOMBRERO: Original Tampa
    * FOR_RENT: Astrodome
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  • Win the Coin Toss

    Press START repeatedly during the toss and you will receive the ball
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  • Do Deion's High Step

    Get within 10 yards of the endzone and press Jump (default is C-Up) to high step if there is enough room between the player and any defenders.
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  • Random Stadiums

    Press R oz Z at the stadium select screen
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  • Random Teams

    Hold L + R after selecting Home Team or Away Team at the team select menu

    Tomato Quarterback

    Enter the code SPLAT at the code screen
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  • High Step

    When you are in the open field and you get inside the 10 yard line keep on pressing c up
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  • Always Receive

    Repeatedly press START at the coin toss screen
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  • End Zone Dance

    After scoring a touchdown press C-Up or C-Down in the end zone
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  • Quick Running Backs

    Enter TURBO_TIME as a password then press A to make your running back faster
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