Available on: PS1

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Libero Grande Cheats

  • Unlockable Characters

    What you do
    Gregorio Zonaras Complete arcade mode w normal difficulty
    Arnold Lang Score over 10,000 points in Challenge Mode
    Roland, Edgard Cailaux, Powel Gardner, Gerald Wells Win International Cup w/ all countries w/ hard difficulty
    Maurice Poulenc Playing the CPU achieve a overall accumulated score of 100
    David Magellan In challenge 9 mode w/ all difficulty settings, score over 11,500 points
    Ruprecht Goes Unlock the last three options in Challenge 9 mode
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  • 1998 World Cup France Teams

    First pick "International Cup" then highlight the "New Game/Continue" option. Now hold X + Select + Circle + Start and press Triangle. All teams will be exactly the same as in the 1998 World Cup France Fina
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Available Platforms: PS1